Uniós visszatérítendő támogatások


Dear Partner,

Since our accession to the European Union, the Hungarian economy has been facing new, previously unknown challenges. Perhaps the major one among these is how to reduce the gap between the state of development and the competitiveness of the leading member countries and Hungary. Of course, the road leads through the basic units of the economy: through the companies, starting from the individual enterprises through family-run and small businesses all the way to the large corporations. The responsibility of the players in charge of economic policy lies in securing the appropriate circumstances for encouraging the companies to make the most of their potential in attaining efficient, successful, fruitful operation. These past 15 years have also shown us that economic success and results cannot be conceived without adequate and well-focused financial resources. Thus, simple and easy access to the financial resources is one of the key business factors. For me – having a career in direct contact with banking and investments behind me – it is a great satisfaction that from 2007 it is also possible to grant reimbursable assistance from the EU’s Structural Funds. Financial instruments can be more effective in serving the development of the enterprises than simple, non-reimbursable subventions. They do so because credits, guarantees, and capital investments carry a feature which is fundamental to success: motivation.

In order to achieve our goals, we are announcing a large-scale partnership: we are inviting all the financial intermediaries, so that everyone who wishes to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the New Hungary Development Plan may access the resources vital to them. It is especially a great pleasure for me that I can be a part of such an entirely new initiative in Hungary. I believe that together with my talented and professional colleagues we will be able to face up to the challenge, and that through this program we can help thousands of companies over the next years get started, or progress successfully.

Balázs Garamvölgyi